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Emergency, Single-Use Water Treatment

This is a relatively simple and inexpensive device for treating surface and storm water in case of emergencies, natural and man-made disasters, which disrupt the availability of potable water in situations such as hurricanes, earthquakes, war torn regions, civil unrest and in locations where sanitary water is unavailable. This technology is covered by Patent 6,245,228 - "Emergency Water Treatment Device”.

The main highlights of the product are:

• The devise comprises a carry-on, single-use disposable two-plastic bag system for disinfecting water of substandard quality to produce potable water, using interlinking composite filter media cartridges.

• A unique physiochemical time switch in the filter cartridge prevents gravity flow of untreated water through the filter element into the treated water bag for about 20 minutes to allow for adequate exposure period with a disinfecting agent in the untreated water bag.

• The device can be fitted with additional small ion exchange compartment for treating brackish or seawater water for use in any recreational or boating emergency that requires the conversion of salt water to drinking water.

• Nominal size capacity of this device is about 4 litters, other larger size units based on the same principals are also available.

• Our objective with this technology is to be able to distribute the device in large volumes to areas of the world that are stricken with natural disasters, that are impoverished and areas where people are unable to find safe drinkable water. We plan to have an aggressive marketing campaign that allows us to distribute the device on large scales through relationships with the military, Red Cross and other humanitarian agencies. It is also our objective to make this a standard item in every boating, recreational or aviation medical or First-Aid kit.

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