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Maher I. Kelada


With over thirty years of engineering experience in the chemical, petrochemical and petroleum industries, Maher Kelada, president of MIK Technologies also holds a Master Degree in Agriculural Science, a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D. studies in Chemical Engineering.

Mr. Kelada's general experience has been in process design, process safety, logistics engineering and project engineering and management. He has served in various capacities as Sr. Process Engineer for prestigious companies including Union Carbide Corporation, Shell Oil, Superior Water Technology Company and Engineering Service Manager and Senior Process Engineering Associate with BASF Corporation.

Mr. Kelada has extensive expertise in the following technical areas:

  1. process simulation
  2. conceptual and detail design of equipment layout and integration
  3. process design and revamping of:
    1. refinery oil & gas separation trains
    2. heat integration
    3. isomerization reaction simulation and vacuum flash separation of high alpha-olefins
    4. reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems
    5. natural gas condensate fractionation and naphtha splitter
    6. steam and hydro cracking
    7. hydrogenation and oxidation reactions
    8. fractionation
    9. membrane separation
    10. water treatment

Technical Interest:
Mr. Kelada has a technical Interest in transporting phenomena in microgravity, particularly for conservation and reclamation of water for sustaining human life in spacecrafts. In 1998, he become a contender for R&D funds from NASA- SBIC Program to develop a fully integrated such system for their manned spacecraft to Mars.

He has also developed a large-scale commercial nanotechnology application to enhance the passivity of low-alloy steels; carbon steel, by molecular application of a highly corrosion and temperature resistance propriety film. Conceptual development and thermodynamic modeling is complete. Kinetic evaluation is pending. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) are needed. This new technology can have outstanding implication on the material science.

Technology development, conceptual plant design, and master planning of plant facilities.

Holder of ten (10) United States Patents: 5443721, 5531240, 6001262, 6019126, 6080313, 6099735, 6126815, 6234018, 6245228, and 6370884. Salinity Power is currently a patent pending. Other intellectual properties are in devlopment phase.

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