MIK Technology has developed several advancements in the field of water technology. Many of which rely heavily on ion exchange and membrane processes, in addition to conventional technologies such as filtration, ultra violet disinfection, reverse osmosis, etc.

    Field of Technologies: Ionic and molecular transport and exchange

    technologies in development

  1. Water purification for domestic applications
  2. Ion exchange separation for
    commercial and industrial applications
  3. Osmotic power generation from
    hypersaline waters
  4. Carbon dioxide hydrate formation,
    transport and production of food and fuel
  5. Steel passivation by chemical vapor deposition


Water Conditioning & Disinfection, "Flowboard-based" Technology
Emergency, single-use water treatment

commercial & industrial applications

Industrial Waste-Water Treatment Application
Ion-Exchange Based Technologies
Membrane-Based Technologies
Rust-Resistant Steel - Nanotechnology for
Enhancing Passivation of Low-Alloy Steel


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