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  1. Commercial and Industrial Applications

Ion-Exchange-Based Technologies

Our industrial high-purity water which is covered in Patent 6,001,262 - “Cascade Ion Exchange for High Purity Water Production.”

Our industrial application produces deionized high purity water that has many industrial and commercial applications including high pressure steam generation, laboratory agents, standard chemical solutions, semiconductors, equipment and instruments rinsing.

The highlights of this technology include:

• The industrial water purification system is a point-of-entry vessel comprising of a cascading array of fully segregated cation and anion ion-exchange resins forming a columnar resin exchanger. It is capable of producing high purity water that’s exceeds 10 megohm-cm, which is equivalent to a mixed bed water quality, but at a higher efficiency and capacity.

• The system is efficiently regenerated and rinsed in series employing countercurrent flow modes. It employs regeneration techniques, normally used in conventional two-bed ion exchange systems and without the need for time consuming resin segregation or resin re-mixing as required in mixed bed deionization processes. It also allows for simultaneous use of different types of resins regardless of their bulk density or bead size.

• Although an industrial size prototype has not been tested, it is anticipated to be relatively efficient in other industrial applications such as heavy and precious metal recovery, radioactive material recovery, wastewater mitigation, arsenic and hazardous water contaminants removal, pharmaceutical product refining, etc.

• A new patent is currently being developed to add another feature, allowing this ion-exchange column to run continuously without interruption for regeneration, as in the case where no water surge capacity is provided. We believe a continuous ion-exchange cycle will become the industry standard.

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