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Our industrial waste water treatment application is covered in Patent 6,126,815 - "Sequential Air Dissolved Floatation Apparatus and Methods.” It is intended for removal of suspended matter in wastewater using air floatation.

The highlights of this technology include:

• This technology is continuous and relies on air floatation for lifting any floatable
suspended matter to the surface of the liquid pool. This process is based on
our patented unique concept of “Zero Pool Velocity”, where flocculation and
disengagement of the floc are accomplished in a stagnant liquid pool, in absence of
any mechanical disturbance that breaks floc formation and impede disengagement
from the liquid pool.

• The process is based on hydro-flow control and does not employ rotating or moving
mechanical means for scraping or collecting sludge material as commonly used in
other technologies

• The technology allows for removal of both heavy sediment sludge and suspended
matter in one cycle, if both types of matter are present in the water.

• The technology is most suitable for small to medium size applications, particularly
when maintenance of rotating racks and slop moving belts is uneconomical.

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