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The Great Salt Lake
Osmotic Power Potential

This is a proposal to develop a new source of renewable energy relying on hypersaline osmotic power generation technology that has been developed by MIK Technology , potentially for generating up to 400 megawatts of sustainable power from the Great Salt Lake, Utah , operating isothermally with out generating any emission s . The proposed technology would reduce Utah State ’s demand for coal by 10% or natural gas by 50% , using a clean and safe renewable source of energy.

It should also be clear that the seawater pumping pressure in the system is equivalent to the osmotic pressure of the diluted seawater at the point of discharge from the membrane that will then enter the turbine. In another words, the seawater pump delivery must have a pressure of 196 .5 psi, which is equivalent to the osmotic pressure of the 1.75 percent salt concentration. MIK Technology ISO ( 1 ) osmotic salinity power is unlike any other technology ( 2 , 3 ), a patent pending technology that promotes the concept of Large Scale Renewable Energy (LSRE) from hyper saline waters. Scientifically , MIK Technology invention introduces a unique process concept employing a series of hydraulic cycles, operating in symbio tic mode within a concentration potential field to exploit the chemical potential dissimilarity of solutions. The proposed isothermal osmotic energy cycle approaches reversibility and is analogous, in its thermodynamic concept, to the Carnot Cycle. We named it the “ISO Cycle," also the “Reversible Liquid Power Cycle.”

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