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South Australia - Considering Osmotic Power Generation


Salinity power generation is an emerging field in the quest for renewable energy. The science behind this field of technology is based on exploiting the osmotic pressure difference between waters of dissimilar salt concentration to drive a hydroelectric ge nerator. MIK Technology of Houston, Texas USA has developed a patent pending technology for “Hypersaline Osmotic Power Generation”, known as the “ISO Power Potential” that promotes the concept of Large Scale Renewable Energy (LSRE) from natural and manmade hypersaline water domains.

MIK Technology strongly believes that South Australia's barren endorheic Lake Torrens and Lake Eyre could generate safe and sustainable osmotic power that would increase Australia’s cur rent electrical power supply by twenty per cent (20%). This implies doubling the current renewable sources of the country. In addition, the project will provide basin flood relief and allows for the reuse of low salinity flood water for domestic applications and developing new communities in Lake Frome basin.

In this copyrighted material, Seawater will be extended 70 km to the project site from Spencer Gulf at Port Augusta in an open canal. The massive size project requires 4 phases to implement. The first two phases are intended to generate net osmotic power from Lake Torrens at a potential of 4.0 Gigawatts, pending availab ility of a canal for flushing the salt in the sweater supply back to the sea. The following wide - ranging third and fourth phase s are continuation of the first two phases of th e project for inte grating both sections of Lake Eyre to enhance net osmotic power generation up to 10.0 Gigawatts and make use of the wasted flood and excess water in the “ Channel Country” region .

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