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Hydrates Concept for Plugging Deep-Sea Severed Pipeline for BP Gulf of Mexico Spill

The disastrous event of British Petroleum (BP) pipeline spill in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20 th 2010 has resulted in death, ongoing devastation of gulf environment, thrashing resources and threatening of life and welfare of thousands of gulf residents.

Many attempts have been made to stop this spill. Thus far, all attempts have little or no effect. MIK tec hnology of Houston propose s a new novel concept that is worth trying. It is based on sound scientific principals and would cost a small fraction of what has been spent on fabricat ing those massive containment chambers.

Ironically, it is the same concept that caused those containments to fail on May 9th! What is hydrate? Hydrate is a term used in chemistry to indicate that a substance contains water. G enerally compounds are formed by the union or linkage of water with some other substance. However, the chemical state and molecules assembly of water varies widely between hydrates. Solid hydrates are compounds which have water in the form of H 2 O molecules associated with these compounds. As an example, anhydrous (water free) copper sulfate, CuSO 4 is a gray - white solid. When this chemical is dissolved in water and allowed to crystallize, it produces beautiful translucent blue hydrous solid crystals , which contains water molecules as part of the crystals.

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