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Water Conditioning & Disinfection,
"Flowboard-based" Technology

MIK Technology has patented unique, point-of-use water purification systems adaptable to various local water conditions, that produces superior water quality at a competitive cost, with exceptional versatility and ease of handling.

The proposed technology is efficient, economical, safe and does not have any of the environmental impacts compared to that of bottled water i.e. the excessive cost for making and transporting the bottles, wasting of space for bottle storage, the risk associated with contamination, pollution from discarded plastic containers and/or the squandering of our energy resources.

Our Flowboard based technologies are comprised of and covered by Patents 6,080,313 - “Point-Of-Use Water Purification System with a Cascade Ion Exchange Option" , Patent 6,099,735 - "Counter Top Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System “and patent 6,370,884 - "Thermoelectric Fluid Cooling Cartridge".

The basic features of these systems are:

  • • These Water purification systems are electrically operated counter-top mounted. They are handled and look as kitchen appliances, similar in size to coffee makers, juicers or compact food processors. The equipment is mounted on uniquely designed bases that have a footprint of about 50 to 150 square inches, the size of a small to an average laptop computer; we named them "Flowboards. The Flowboard is analogous to a circuit board or to the radio chassis of the early days.

  • • Each Flowboard is adapted to receive a plurality of water treatment and control modules. When regulated municipal water is supplied, simple systems comprising sediment/carbon cartridge and ultraviolet sterilization modules are adequate. Additional arsenic or fluoride cartridge could be required depending on water supply quality.

    • Other upgrades include the addition of ion exchangers, reverse osmosis membranes, water-cooling and heating cartridges, local or remote supervisory and/or monitoring systems and possibly medicinal or food & flavor additive modules can be provided.

    • All systems have no exposed wiring or piping and do not require any tools to replace their modules, which makes cartridge replacement as simple as replacing a light bulb.

    • Our objective with this Flowboard technology is to replace 50% of the projected U.S. 5-gallon bottled water demand, which is equivalent to 500 million bottles (2.5 billion gallons) every year. With an efficient, targeted marketing plan, responsive service program and the support of our partners, a very profitable new world-class industry would emerge. If we also consider all of North America, the combined market can potentially reach 4 billion gallons per year.
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