Osmotic Power Generation from Global Hypersaline Water Domains

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Sustaining Human Life in 2050

Mauritania Osmotic Potentials

Morocco Osmotic Power Potentials

Energizing Egypt for Prosperity

10 Proposed Projects for land Reform and Power Generation to Sustain the Life of the People of Egypt

South Australia Osmotic Power Generation

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helping communities around the world through innovation

Our technologies expand from simple emergency water devices for saving flood victims’ lives to salinity power generation, providing electric power for thousands of people in communities around the world.

our purpose

MIK Technology has developed several advancements in the water technology field; relying especially on ion exchange and membrane processes, as well as conventional technologies including filtration and ultraviolet disinfection.

Our developments are covered by patents or in patent-pending status and continue to secure all of our intellectual properties.

At MIK Technology, we believe that this small emerging company, with our enduring fortitude and our perseverance will shatter the status-quo of current technology, becoming a world class organization of different product lines, serving many sectors of local and international markets.

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MIK Technology Presentations
Rice Alliance 10th Annual Nanotechnology and Sustainability Venture Forum (Houston, Texas - February 17, 2011) U.S.-Mexico Border Energy Forum (Chihuahua Mexico Sept, 2010)
Fourteenth International Middle East
Power Systems Conference(Cairo, Egypt - December, 19-21, 2010)
Rice Alliance Energy & Clean
Technology Venture Forum (Houston, TX Sept. 2010)
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